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We promote community integration as well as independence at home.

CarePro Home Health Care LLC aims to help individuals with disabilities integrate into the community more effectively and independently. We provide services to also keep them safe and healthy at home together with their families, which involves the training of family members to enhance their capabilities to care for and assist their disabled loved one at home.

We cover the following services:

  • Eating and Food Preparation
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Housekeeping and Household Management
  • Health, Safety, and Wellness
  • Social and Adaptive Skills Training

CarePro renders this service to eligible individuals under the following waivers:

  • BI (Brain Injury)
  • CAC (Community Alternative Care)
  • CADI (Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals)
  • DD (Developmental Disabilities)

Know more about how we can be of help by reaching out to us. You can set an appointment with us so we can discuss your queries, concerns, and care plan personally.

In-Home or Out-of-Home Family Support