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Regain independence at home with CarePro.

CarePro Home Health Care LLC provides a comprehensive level of assistance, care, and supervision to individuals who seek our help. This is to ensure that these individuals are in their optimal health and that they are safe and comfortable in their own homes.

CarePro serves eligible individuals under the following Waiver Programs:

  • BI (Brain Injury)
  • CAC (Community Alternative Care)
  • CADI (Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals)
  • DD (Developmental Disabilities)
  • EW (Elderly Waiver)

Services We Offer

24-Hour Emergency Assistance
We offer on-call counseling and immediate assistance at our client’s home when health or personal emergencies happen. There will be supervision and assessment of conditions to address their situation and needs effectively.
Adult Companion Services
Our care professionals will accompany adults with their daily living activities. They also promote better emotional and mental health by listening to their ideas, thoughts, and inputs. They can also assist with basic tasks.
Night Supervision
We offer night supervision, especially to individuals with chronic illness and mental health conditions to ensure that they are safe and their needs are addressed promptly and properly since we never know when emergencies or urgent situations occur.
Personal Support
We promote the independence and health of our clients by assisting them with their daily tasks with as much or as little assistance necessary. We treat each client with privacy, respect, and sincerity.
Respite Care
We provide opportunities for family caregivers to take a break and relax through respites. We can temporarily relieve their caregiving tasks as they go on a short vacation and handle or catch up with personal affairs.
In-Home Support Services
We strive to enable the elderly and disabled individuals to live safely and independently in their homes. We have care professionals who can assist them with basic home services, including:

  • Housekeeping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Laundering
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Bowel and Bladder Care
  • Paramedical Services
Individual Community Living Support
We provider services under the ICLS six service categories, including:

  • Active Cognitive Support
  • Adaptive Support Service
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Household Management
  • Health, Safety, and Wellness
  • Community Engagement
In-Home or Out-of-Home Family Support
We help individuals with disabilities integrate into the community more effectively and independently. We provide services to also keep them safe and healthy at home together with their families. These services may also involve the training of family members to enhance their capabilities to care for and assist their disabled loved one at home.
Independent Living Skills Training
We provide direct training to improve or maintain the ability of our clients to live as independently as possible and participate in the community responsibly. We primarily assist individuals with progressive illnesses to preserve and enhance their essential skill-set. This service may be provided at home or in the community.
Individualized Home Supports
We provide this service in the clients’ own homes or community, giving them the freedom to choose whether where and how to receive our service and allowing them to live, work, and enjoy their lives in the community. We offer in-person and remote support, direct supervision, cueing, assistance, guidance, and training.
Supported Living Services for Adults
We serve adults with intellectual disabilities who prefer to live in their own homes or independently in the community. We foster the nurturing relationships of every individual as well as their participation in the community to help them reach their long-term personal goals.

We cover the following support needs:

  • Nutrition and Safety
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Work and Vocation
  • Social and Emotional Recreational Component
  • Mobility
  • Hygiene
  • Money Management and Budgeting
  • Health and Medical Needs
  • Autonomy and Self-Reliance